Law Department

A scientific workshop held by the Law Department for its students about the virtual court

Jan 6th, 2022


In the presence of the respected Dean of Al-Mansour University College and the esteemed Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, and with the aim of developing legal thought and enhancing the practical aspects of students’ legal culture, the Law Department at Al-Mansour University College held on Wednesday 5-1-2022 and in the conference hall a workshop on the virtual court

During which, the respected Judge Taha Hadi gave virtual court lectures to the students of the third stage of the Law Department to ensure their qualification to supply the labor market with more expertise and competencies that enhance the rule of law in society.

On the sidelines of the lecture, Mr. Hadi gave the gift of several of his legal books, enhanced by his judicial experience, to the college library to ensure that all researchers benefit from their content.

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