Medical Instruments Technology Engineering Department

A scientific workshop at the Department of Medical Instruments Engineering Technology

Jan 9th, 2022


Al-Mansour University College/Department of Medical Equipment Technologies Engineering, in cooperation with the Nabdah Society for Medical Engineering, held on Sunday 9-1-2022 a workshop entitled

Graduation project from A to Z
Submitted by
Dr. Noor Kadhim Muften - Head of the Medical Instruments Engineering Technology Department
Mr. Hossam Yahya Nasser - Executive Director of the Nabdah Association for Medical Devices
The workshop aimed to introduce the nature and importance of paying attention to the graduation project for fourth-year students and how to benefit from practical applications within the field of competence to develop the technical skills of the graduate.

The symposium was attended by the Dean of Al-Mansour University College, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, professors of the Department of Medical Equipment Technology Engineering, and students of the department

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