University Email for First-Year Students

Jan 14th, 2022


The Department of Information and Communications Technology at Al-Mansour University College has completed the process of creating electronic accounts and the official university mail within the scope of the college ( for all first-stage students accepted within the first portal and started holding awareness workshops showing the importance of university e-mail for university students and how to activate it and benefit from the many services provided by university e-mail and how to use university e-mail to access electronic classes and join electronic-style lectures. In this regard, the Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department at Al-Mansour University College Dr. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud that Al-Mansour University College has adopted the use of university e-mail for all its affiliates and students since 2016, indicating the many benefits that the university e-mail user derives, whether for the professor in his official and research correspondence and registration within the academic and scientific sites or for students through the possibility of their access to global software such as Microsoft Office or Autodesk software and many others for free, as well as registration in e-learning sites and digital libraries that provide great support for students who have official university accounts

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