A scientific workshop organized by Al-Mansour University College on cloud computing and Iraqi universities

Mar 6th, 2022


Al-Mansour University College / Department of Information and Communications Technology, in cooperation and coordination with the Iraq Cloud Forum (AWS Cloud Community - IRAQ)
Scientific Workshop Entitled (AWS Cloud for Higher Educational Institutes)
The date of the workshop: Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 10 am
The venue of the workshop: Al-Mansour University College - Conference Hall
Keynote speakers:
Mr. Mohamed Youssef (AWS MENA Lead, Education to Workforce) - Official AWS Representative for MENA Region from Dubai
Mr. Ammar Hannon (AWS IRAQ Community Leader) - Cloud Computing Expert and Initiator of the Training Program (IUTP)
Professor Al-Mamoun Rasoul (Lead AI Engineer) - Specialist in Artificial Intelligence and its applications

In addition to three professors participating in the training program organized by the Iraq Cloud for elite Iraqi university professors (Iraqi Universities Training Program - IUTP).
Dr. Atheel Al-Khayat - Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Montadhar Essam - Al-Mansour College, Miss Zahraa Jawad - Al-Mansour College
Workshop management and organization: Dr. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud - Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department - Al-Mansour University College
An invitation to all university professors and students interested in developing their skills to attend the workshop to learn about the most prominent training programs offered by AWS, as well as to view the most prominent cloud services that serve educational institutions
Registration link to attend the workshop

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