Medical Instruments Technology Engineering Department

A scientific symposium held by the Department of Medical Instruments Technology Engineering on Radiation and Catheterization

Mar 24th, 2022


Al-Mansour University College - Medical Devices Technologies Engineering Department held a scientific symposium entitled

Radiation and catheterization, its uses and problems

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at ten in the morning, in the conference hall at the college, the symposium was presented by Engineer Ali Abdel Moneim Saleh, representative of Ashur Scientific Company, in cooperation with a team formed from fourth-year students in the Department of Medical Instruments Technology Engineering, who called himself (Roya Training Team). and development), where the team represented in the symposium the two students Ali Adnan Lafta and Marwa Rasem Muhammad, with the support and encouragement of the head of the department, Dr. Noor Kadhum Muften, and members of the faculty for such distinguished student activities, the symposium was run by the department’s rapporteur Mr. Amir Bashir Youssef

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