Al-Mansour University College is the first Iraqi university to obtain a specialized international academy from the cloud services Amazon (AWS Academy)

Apr 6th, 2022


As always been a pioneer in the field of information technology support and a believer in the necessity of integrating technology into higher education, and after great efforts that lasted for several months, Al-Mansour University College, through the Department of Information and Communications Technology, was able to obtain the first global academy in Iraq from the (AWS) organization specialized in cloud services, where he explained The Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department at the college, Dr. Eng. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud, said that Al-Mansour College obtained today 4-6-2022 the approval to establish the first AWS Academy academic center in Iraq that can provide training programs within the global curricula in the field of cloud computing and its various services. The college and the center have an ambitious plan in order to benefit the students and graduates of the college and the rest of the Iraqi universities and to enhance their skills in the field of cloud computing, which today constitutes an important and fundamental nerve in the development of information technology and its future spread.Al-Mansour University College was the first Iraqi university to obtain a license from the Cisco Academy in 2005, and today it is a major center inside Iraq that provides support to more than 25 governmental and private institutions, including universities and ministries. We cannot fail to extend our thanks to those who supported the achievement of this achievement, Mr. Mohamad Yousef, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at AWS Foundation, in addition to Eng. Ammar Hannon, founder of the Iraq Cloud (AWS Iraq User Group) for their support and assistance in order to get this achievement for Iraqi universities

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