A volunteer campaign under the slogan “Our children are our livers, your health is our goal

Apr 25th, 2022


Within the activities of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Iraqi Association for Libraries and Information, with the blessing of its president, Prof. Dr. Abdul-Sattar Shaker Salman
Our children, our livers, your health is our goal.

On Monday, 25/4/2022, the children in the Central Child Hospital in Baghdad were visited and gifts were presented. Jassim Muhammad, hospital media, Mr. Sufian Abdul Rahman, and patients' families, and the sleeping children rejoiced at this visit.

Thank you to those who provided support and participation, may God make it in the balance of your good deeds, and thanks are due to the management and staff of the hospital for providing the opportunity and facilitating admission, and we ask God Almighty for a speedy recovery for the patients.

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