Two teachers from Al-Mansour University College participate in a training course in the Netherlands

Jul 17th, 2022


As part of completing a capacity-building project in the field of blended learning on how to link curricula and provide training opportunities to qualify graduates for the labor market, two teachers from Al-Mansour University College participated in a training course held by Maastricht University in the Netherlands on how to modernize education methods by relying on the student as a main focus in the process And the transition from the traditional method of education to modern methods adopted by international universities, especially the University of Maastricht, which adopts the vision of education using the (PBL) method.

The course was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud, Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department, and Dr. Laith Baqir Salman, a lecturer in the Department of Communications Engineering, with the participation of three Iraqi universities as well as European universities from Portugal, Germany, Holland, and Brazil. The course lasted for five intense days and dealt with many modern education topics and their practical application with the aim of improving linking educational programs with the labor market.

The project, funded by NUFFIC, consists of three phases, the first phase of which was a series of advanced training courses that were covered virtually in coordination with Luminus University of Jordan, while the second phase was devoted to how to use technical tools and modern programs to implement theoretical and virtual lessons for e-learning, with the participation of a cadre from the Faculty of Al-Mansour University specializes in e-learning, so the third stage of training administrative staff on how to adopt modern methods in university education comes.

The final stage of the project will be to reflect on the experience of the students and graduates of Al-Mansour University College, starting with the rest of the Iraqi universities, in order to ensure that the academic outputs are linked with the labor market and provide training opportunities according to modern learning curricula and mechanisms.

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