A new partnership and the first global academy specialized in cybersecurity from (EC-Council Academia Partner)

Jul 28th, 2022


A new achievement added to the outcome of the achievements of Al-Mansour University College and its Information Technology Center through a new scientific partnership, the first of its kind at the level of Iraqi universities, with the (EC-Council) company specialized in cybersecurity. Thus, Al-Mansour University College became the first academic partner to provide a training center (EC- Council Academia Partner) according to the international academic curricula specialized in cybersecurity, and in this context, Dr. Mahmoud Shuker Mahmoud, Director of the Information Technology Center at Al-Mansour University College and the official manager of the new academy, indicated that this step came after continuous work that lasted for several months and great support from the Dean of the College represented by In the person of its dean, Prof. Dr. Sabah Muhammed Klow, and the scientific assistant, he was crowned at the end with obtaining the approvals to establish the first Iraqi academy specialized in cybersecurity, which will undertake to provide specialized and advanced curricula and courses for faculty and students, which will enhance the technical skills that will characterize the graduate, as has been the practice of Al-Mansour University College For years, we have been integrating specialized technical curricula from major international companies with practical curricula The Academy, which distinguished and will distinguish the graduate of Al-Mansour University College. It is noteworthy that Al-Mansour University College also established a few months ago the first global academy specialized in cloud computing (AWS Academy), and it has been a certified partner for years with the (Cisco Networking Academy ) and other international academies

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