Medical Instruments Technology Engineering Department

A scientific symposium entitled Renewable energy sources and their role in achieving sustainable development

Nov 27th, 2023


Al-Mansour College organized a scientific symposium entitled ((Renewable energy sources and their role in achieving sustainable development)) which was held in the conference hall of Al-Mansour University College on Sunday, November 26, 2023, in the presence of Professor Dr. Sabah Mohammad Kallow Dean of the College, his assistants, and a number of presidents. Departments, teachers, and students. The symposium was moderated by (Dr. Nour Kadhum Muften), Head of the Medical Device Technology Engineering Department, and was presented by the external lecturer (Mr. Ali Faleh Chalob). The symposium included the basic concept of sustainable development, how it developed, emerged, and became an influential element in society, and its importance in developing the environment and its relationship. Renewable energy sources help maintain a clean environment free of pollution. Many human, economic, and environmental dimensions achieved by sustainable development were also discussed. The types of renewable energy sources and their widespread investment in order to obtain clean energy sources were also discussed.

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