Vision, Mission and Values

Vision :

Al-Mansour University College is a nationally distinguished college which regionally competes with other colleges and contributes to the development of knowledge. It also supports sustainable development while working to activate all energies in order to serve the Iraqi society and human society

This university college is interested in offering leading programs in the higher education and scientific research as well as distinguished programs in the field of training and learning of graduates by creating scientific crews and knowledge skills in different disciplines that will meet the needs of the Iraqi labor market and the international labor market


Quality of university performance


Academic Integration

strategic plan :

- The strategic plan of the college is based on the basic principle that (the college is in the service of the community) Therefore, the college’s strategy will include a set of goals and objectives, which we summarize here below:

- Following the learning method and adopting modernity in the teaching method.

- Adopting distinguished training plans and programs for students in order to provide them with professional skills that fit the needs of the Iraqi labor market.

- Dealing and coordinating with state departments, private sector institutions and civil society organizations in order to provide suitable job opportunities for the graduates.

- Working to establish scientific and cultural relations with local, regional and international universities.

- Developing a strategy for building and marketing academic programs on an ongoing basis and within a trusted plan.

- Laying the foundations for evaluating university performance and completing the job description.

- Working on attracting scientific competencies and specialized and distinguished teaching skills to develop a teamwork environment.

- Working hard to gain the international accreditation and distinguished classification locally and internationally.

- Producing sober local and international researches.

- Contributing to the development of the Iraqi society by setting up scientific, social and culture seminars and knowing how they effect the society development.