About the College

Al-Mansour University College... a Distinguished Scientific Edifice...

Al-Mansour University College is one of the private academic institutions for the higher education of public interest. It was established in 1988 in Baghdad by the Iraqi Association for Libraries and Information. Their studying started there on 1st October 1988.

The first and foremost priority of the College is to keep pace with the current and future developments of the era; that is why it has ensured its leadership among the Iraqi private universities.

The college adopts the regulations and instructions issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and seeks to prepare students academically and technically to provide them with scientific knowledge and applied experiences and develop their skills.

Its policy is based on openness to international society, institutions, and universities. It is a member of the International Association of Universities/UNESCO (IAU), a member of the Union of Arab Scientific Research Councils, in addition to the International Association for the Advancement of Colleges of Business Administration (AACSB). It also has many memoranda of scientific and cultural cooperation with international solid institutions and universities, led by the University of London, University of Westminster, University of Greenwich, University of Birmingham, University of Huddersfield, and a number of Arab universities.

The most crucial characteristic of Al-Mansour University College that always makes it at the forefront is its future vision of progress that has no limits.

The college always looks for the best; that is, it focuses on improving qualitative performance and developing its study plans to keep pace with scientific and technical development in the world in a manner that meets the needs and aspirations of society. Therefore, the college was keen to graduate qualified academic staff to meet the labor market needs of human resources who are aware of the latest developments in the field of information and communication technology. The number of its graduates has reached more than (17000) students with expertise and scientific skills, including nearly 300 Arab students.

The policy of the college is based on employing higher human competencies, aiming at the best in all scientific, administrative, and professional fields, and believing that they are the true wealth of any country. The number of faculty members in the college who are on the permanent staff has reached more than (140) instructors, described as the best qualified academic staff working in Iraqi universities and institutions of the public and private sectors.

The college was concerned with promoting the level of scientific research for its teaching staff by publishing their distinguished research and scientific, intellectual, and cultural output. A scientific sober journal (Al-Mansour Journal) was issued in 1998. The number of its publications has reached (35) so far, in which more than (300) researches have been published in the various disciplines sponsored by the college within its departments, in addition to the publication of nearly 180 researches in international Scopus. The college also held many conferences, cooperating with Iraqi and Arab scientific and professional institutions.