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Webometrics World University Rankings is an initiative of Cybermetrics Lab, a research organization of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), recognized as the largest Spanish public research body. Established in 2004, Webometrics assessment aims to provide complete coverage of Higher Education Institutions (HEI's) regardless of country or major. It currently ranks more than 31,000 higher education institutions globally from more than 200 countries.

The Webometrics World University Assessment is known as the largest academic evaluation of institutions of higher education. It also presents scientific, objective, and objective results constantly that can be relied upon in identifying the performance of the best university in the world on more than one level all over the world every six months.

The main objective of evaluating universities globally from Webometrics is to encourage easy access to the information published by the university. The taxonomists are a group of scientists working in international public research institutions with significant experience in this field. The ranking of universities and colleges is also a research project and any change in methodology may correspond to new results or availability of resources

Indicators for evaluating universities globally from Webometrics


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classification methodology


the weight

Easily appear when searching on the Internet

The impact of website content

The number of impressions on external networks (subnets) associated with the organization's site

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Number of citations from the top 110 authors (excluding the top 10 unrelated to the topic)

Google Scholar Profiles



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Number of papers in the top 10% cited in each of the 26 disciplines in the complete database Five years data: 2015-2019




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