Business Management Department

The Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Business Management Administration Department

Improving the scientific level of the department’s students, leading to achieving scientific leadership at the level of universities and colleges within the local, regional, and global scope.

Preparing accepted students with the knowledge, skills and specializations required in the field of various business administration sciences to meet the needs of the labor market and obtain appropriate opportunities for them at the level of state departments and private sector institutions.

1 - Granting accepted students a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.
2 - Providing the student with skills to practice the management profession and use information technologies and quantitative methods in business administration.
3 - Developing students’ creative and innovative thinking skills to help them make administrative decisions in a sound, scientific manner.
4 - Follow up on students’ affairs, support them, and continue their studies.
5 - Providing an appropriate academic environment for teaching and learning.