Computer Engineering Department

Workshop on machine learning technology and its relationship to sports

Nov 24th, 2022


At the invitation of the Deanship of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al-Mustansiriya University, to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between universities, Assistant Professor Dr. On Thursday, 11/24/2022, in the central hall of the college, the lecturer discussed machine learning, which enables computers to deal with tasks that can only be handled by humans, from driving cars to translating speech or speaking. With robots in a human way, where machine learning based on the capabilities of artificial intelligence helps programs and machines to understand and deal with the chaotic and unexpected real world, it is (i.e., machine learning) the process of teaching computers and machines how to make accurate predictions when feeding them with data.

The computer has made many contributions in the fields of physical and sports education and has become an inevitable necessity in teaching and learning in that field. To analyze and process the analysis results to extract the required results.

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