Computer Engineering Department


The Department of Computer Engineering is established to keep pace with the tremendous development that has taken place in the field of computer and software industry. The department receives the holders of the high school certificate (scientific, applied and biological branch) according to the central admission system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering is awarded to the graduate after completing (4) four academic years with two semesters per year. Courses include compulsory specialized lessons as well as optional ones. The study in this department qualifies the graduate to work in research, productivity, industrial and e-governance institutions in relation to software, operating systems, electronic design, information technology applications and networks. What is more, the graduate is also familiar with the aspects of design, computational manufacturing, microprocessor, automation, control and self-monitoring units, in addition to having a solid scientific and knowledge base that enables him/her to continue his higher academic studies.

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