Computer Engineering Department

A workshop on smart homes organized by the Computer Engineering Department in cooperation with Al Nokhba Engineering Company

Dec 9th, 2023


Due to the important and rapid development that the world is witnessing in the field of smart systems, specifically with regard to smart home and building systems and their integration with sustainable energy technologies. Under the auspices of the Deanship of Al-Mansour University College, the Computer Engineering Department held on Saturday, 12-9-2023, the workshop entitled ((Smart Home and Building Systems and Sustainable Energy Solutions)) in cooperation with the Elite Engineering Company, in the presence of the Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Sabah Mohammad Kallow, the distinguished assistants, and several College professors and department students. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Haitham Karim Abbas, a lecturer in the Computer Engineering Department, and presented by Engineer Ahmed Abdel Hussein Al-Hariri, managing director of the Elite Engineering Company, who is one of the graduates of our college, whom we are proud of. The workshop discussed the concept of smart home technology and its tremendous and necessary importance in investing in it as a cultural pastime and a qualitative shift in energy investment and provision towards sustainable development.

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