Huawei ICT Competition 2023 Middle East & Central Asia Registration is Open

Sep 18th, 2023


Huawei launches its global talent competition in technology and communications sciences, Huawei ICT competition
An invitation to our distinguished students who are interested in developing their skills to participate and represent their college and their country, God willing..

What is Huawei ICT competition?
It is a competition presented by Huawei ICT Academy. It is a global competition, held worldwide, in communications and technology. Its goal is to reach the best talents in the field of communications and information technology by supporting, refining, and highlighting talents.

What are the conditions for the Huawei ICT competition?

The competition is offered to university students (from the first year and above up to the master’s level) in various specializations in networks, programming, artificial intelligence, and others.
Graduates and those interested can participate in the competition to learn and gain experience. They will have the HCIA free certificate if they pass the exam only. As for final participation and travel to China, it is reserved for students, and graduates are not allowed to participate in it.
Students who have participated in previous World Finals are not permitted to participate in the World Final again.
Each student can choose only one track (including the innovation track).
Proficiency in English in reading, writing, and speaking is required

How many participants are in the Huawei ICT competition?
5,000 students from all universities and colleges are supposed to register, and the best 200 students will be selected from them to qualify for the final stage -
Participation program in the 2023-2024 Huawei ICT competition

Steps to participate in the Huawei ICT competition
1. Register on the website at
2- The student must choose one of the tracks
• Network Track, including (WLAN / Security / R&S).
• Cloud Track, which includes (Big Data / Cloud / Storage / AI).

Determine the level
1. The qualifying stage via online assessment exam.
2. Then comes the National Final Exam stage, during which the top 200 students in the country are selected.
3. The team that will represent the country is chosen
4. For competition between the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.

What are the prizes offered by Huawei ICT Academy?
- For the first students, they receive Huawei Talent Club membership, which provides them with employment opportunities,
In addition to Huawei Certificate of Participation.

Last year, a team from Saladin University in Iraq won the grand prize of the Huawei Innovation Competition, beating teams from all over the world.
If you would like to participate this year, do not miss the opportunity and quickly register to participate!

For more information on setting up your accounts and registering for the competition, please watch the video tutorial at the link below:

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