Business Management Department

A scientific symposium on exchange rate fluctuations organized by the Department of Business Administration

Dec 4th, 2023


Under the auspices of the Deanship of Al-Mansour University College, the Department of Business Administration in our college organized a specialized scientific symposium on (exchange rate fluctuations in the parallel market and its economic effects), in which Professor Dr. Mahmoud Dagher, Professor of Finance and Monetary Affairs at the University of Baghdad and former Director General of Foreign Transfers at the Central Bank of Iraq, hosted the symposium. Professor Dr. Khaled Dhari, a lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, and the lecturer spoke about the reasons for the fluctuation of exchange rates in the parallel market even though Iraq adopted a fixed official exchange rate. He pointed out that some speculators and merchants deal in cash and do not open credits on the electronic platform for financial transfers. To evade taxes or legal accountability and thus resort to the market to buy foreign exchange, its prices in the parallel market rise to more than 200 points. Which leads to higher prices of goods in the local market. The lecturer proposed measures to reduce this difference between the two prices. The audience discussed the topic in detail, and some ideas were presented to address the problem... In conclusion, Dr. Mahmoud Dagher was honored by the Dean of the College.

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