Physical Education and Sports Sciences Department

Scientific workshop on sports psychology

May 3rd, 2024


Within the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to promote scientific research and culture in various specializations, as well as the directives of the Deanship of the esteemed college to develop an effective program for scientific activities of all kinds, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and under the patronage of Professor Dr. Sabah Muhammad Kalow, Dean of Al-Mansour University College, held the scientific workshop in sports psychology. In the presence of Professor Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaker Salman, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, and the college’s guest, Professor Dr. Najah Shalash, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / Al-Mamoun University College, the workshop touched on the fact that sports psychology is one of the specialties that studies the psychological factors in sports performance to improve the athlete’s performance, as it is concerned with By understanding and studying the psychological factors that affect the performance of athletes, sports psychology aims to improve sports performance and developmental and psychological abilities related to sports. The fields of study of sports psychology include several different topics such as motivation and focus, managing stress and tension, enhancing self-confidence, and improving communication and relationships between... Athletes, control emotions and self-motivation, achieve goals, enhance self-discipline, treat psychological injuries, and overcome defeats. Present at the workshop. Dr. Hilal Abdel Karim, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the college. The workshop was moderated by Professor Dr. Ghassan Muhammad Sadiq and Assistant Lecturer Nour Sabah. The symposium was attended by several professors and a large group of college students.

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