Scientific Promotions

Academic Promotion Procedures

Based on the book of the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, number BT 4/2663 on 5/4/2023, which includes the twinning of our college with Al-Mustansiriya University, with regard to the procedures for scientific promotions, and based on the directives of the Deanship of the College, I put in your hands the work contexts Adopted in the promotion of scientific promotion transactions, and as follows:

Submission of a written request according to the relevant form (available on the college website) by the instructor addressed to the Dean of the College through the Head of the Department; In it, he mentions his desire for promotion after fulfilling the promotion conditions for the academic rank included in it, according to Scientific Promotion Instructions No. 167 of 2017.
After obtaining the approval of the Dean and the Chairman of the Academic Promotions Committee to promote the promotion application, after making sure that the required conditions are met... the application is referred to the department head to proceed with the preparation of the promotion application.
The scientific committee in the department checks the research papers that fall within the general and special competence of the promotion applicant.. and is included in the department's research plan... as well as checking the points obtained by the promotion applicant according to tables (1) and (2).. and submits its recommendations to the head of the department According to the relevant form. And the signatures of all committee members, mentioning the date.
Fill out all the forms on the college's website (scientific promotions - 6 forms), and the information they contain that requires filling them accurately (and on a CD)... with all the required attachments.
The promotion transaction is prepared within (4) "governors" for each transaction.. (according to the details attached herewith) based on the letter of the Central Promotion Committee / Al-Mustansiriya University No. 6025 dated 10/31/2022.
The entire transaction is submitted to the Academic Promotion Committee in the college... and after checking and correcting the procedures... it is presented at the nearest meeting of the committee to submit its recommendation to the College Council, if the transaction is complete in all its aspects.
The College Council considers the recommendations of the Academic Promotions Committee, and takes the appropriate decision whether or not to promote the transaction.
In the event that the College Council approves the recommendation of the Scientific Promotions Committee, the transaction is promoted to the Presidency of Al-Mustansiriya University / Central Scientific Promotions Committee.
Note that the scientific induction procedures; Paper and electronic, as well as the sobriety of scientific journals, are the prerogative of the Central Promotion Committee / Al-Mustansiriya University.

Good luck to all fellow faculty members
Chairman of the Academic Promotion Committee in the college
Mr. Dr. Kamel Kadhum Bashir Al-Kinani

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