Civil Engineering Department

The Visions, Mission and Objectives of the Civil Engineering Department


The Civil Engineering Department believes that it is distinguished locally, regionally and globally as a leading department that offers engineering programs and high quality services.


The Civil Engineering Department seeks to meet the needs of Iraqi society and the region of civil engineers by providing high quality programs in education, scientific research and community service.


1. Graduation of engineers with comprehensive knowledge in the basics of civil engineering.

2. Graduation of engineers with the ability to apply design, management and construction methods in civil engineering projects.

3. Graduation of engineers with the ability to acquire communication skills and teamwork in multidisciplinary projects.

4. Graduating engineers with the ability to continue learning and acquire skills to develop professional performance, creative thinking and planning for work based on community values and ethics.

5. Keeping up with the latest developments in the fields of civil engineering through re-evaluating the study plans and curricula offered periodically.

6. Conduct scientific research to increase knowledge and applications and provide innovative solutions to local problems in particular.

7. Establishing strong relationships with local, regional and international companies and institutions to enhance and support scientific research and educational activity.