This department starts from the vision of preparing expertise in computer science and information systems. And seeking to provide the proper expertise to the graduates that integrates theoretical and practical aspects to be effective in self-development and the research society. It operates in the field of computer systems and technology applications, as well as industrial, administrative, commercial and medical applications, including assistance in conducting scientific research and business development methods, by following the curricula in a way that enables the students to acquire scientific skills in computer science and information systems as well as hardware components, computer networks, adaptive systems, information theory. it also provides supporting topics such as developing students’ skills in preparing and designing programs in all disciplines (artificial intelligence, computer systems, expert systems, computer systems, (image processing, networks and their applications and information systems), the department’s curricula have been prepared on scientific bases that keep up with the latest developments taking into account similar scientific curricula in a number of reputable international universities.

The duration of study in this department is four years. The general specialization is divided into two specialized branches at the third stage, the first is (computer science) and the second is (information systems).

First Branch: The graduate student is awarded with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
Second Branch: The graduate student is awarded with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

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