Computer Technology Engineering Department

The Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Computer Technology Engineering Department

That the department be a pioneer in the field of computer technologies in general and in computer communications networks and computer electronics in particular through the two branches of the department and that it prepares competent technical engineers, provides technical and technical advice in the field of specialization, and works to serve the community.

Numbers of competent technical engineers capable of meeting the local labor market in the fields of network and communications engineering techniques and electronics engineering techniques.

Graduating cadres of technical engineers with a high level of understanding, knowledge and psychological preparation capable of dealing with electronic systems and control systems using computers in addition to communications and computer networks.

Focusing on the practical aspect and giving it a lot of attention by providing the latest laboratories in terms of equipment and software to ensure that the department’s output of technical engineers has sufficient experience to place them in the labor market.
Activating programs that are in the interest of the specialty and supported by official sponsors around the world, such as the Cisco certification program, so that the graduate engineer is armed with international certificates in addition to his academic certificate.