Computer Technology Engineering Department


The objective of this Department is to graduate technical engineers able to install, operate, maintain and program the electronic computers and their accessories.
The graduate is to be qualified to work as an "applied" engineer, able to set plans, operate and maintain all kinds of computers. He will be able to:
· obtain the scientific and applied skill so as to detect the break-downs and make maintenance for computing systems,
· be acquainted with computing languages and to understand how to work with computers and their components,
· realize ,in details, how to work with maps of operation and control,
· conduct research and studies on computing and find substitute plans that could be used continuously to develop operation and maintenance of computers.
As a technical educational department with the objective of graduating technical engineers as mentioned above, students would be appropriately equipped with practical experiences by virtue of the fact that the Lab classes given to students during their four-year study constitute 50%.

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